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The Top 4 Destinations in San Antonio Good for The Kids

The Top 4 Destinations in San Antonio Good for The Kids

San Antonio is not just good for people who want to relax because it is also a place that is best for your kids. That’s right. The city can offer a lot of things to do for your children so you can bring them along on your vacation to SA. Check out the best itinerary that the kids will surely enjoy.

  1. The DoSeum


It is one of the new museums in San Antonio that is made with the children in mind. It contains a lot of educational things that can expand the knowledge of your kids. Aside from that, there are a lot of interactive exhibits that the children can take advantage.

  1. Magik Theatre

We all know that the kids love the most popular literature and most especially they want to see it in person. The theater showcases different performances that your children will surely enjoy. It is the best place where your kids will be able to see what they just usually read.

  1. Scobee Planetarium and Challenger Learning Center

All of us enjoy the beauty of the stars most especially the kids. Let the imagination of your children grow as they spend time in this great planetarium. They can discover a lot of facts and learn a lot of things about the universe.

  1. Laser Legends

The kids love to play, and you can support your children by bringing them in Laser Legends. They will be in the middle of virtual battles where they can freely enjoy themselves and interact with other kids as well. It is the place where you can let your children enjoy the kind of fun that modern technology offers us.

If your kids insist on coming with you on a trip to San Antonio, do not hesitate to say yes. There are numerous delightful things to do in the city.


The 4 Best Tourist Attractions In San Antonio That You Should Never Miss

The 4 Best Tourist Attractions In San Antonio That You Should Never Miss

If you are a vacationist in the city of San Antonio, you might be wondering which the best destinations to visit are. The good news about the city is that you will never run out of great places to go. Here are the best tourist attractions that you must visit whenever you are around.

  1. The Alamo Mission


300 Alamo Plaza

Do you know which the most popular building in the whole state of Texas is? It is none other than Alamo, and you can find it in the city of San Antonio. It was built way back around 1700’s. It has been the fortress of Texan Independence. It is one of the most visited tourist spots in San Antonio due to its historical importance.


  1. The San Antonio River Walk


110 Broadway, Suite 500

If you love the outdoor, you would be amazed at the long stretch of restaurants that goes along with the San Antonio River. You can have a feast and shop around as there are numerous stores where you can find and buy a lot of things.


  1. The Tower of the Americas


739 East Cesar E. Chavez Blvd

There is no better view of the place than on top of the Tower of the Americas. It was built for the World Fair, and now it is one of the hottest attractions of the place. You can eat in the restaurant while enjoying the great view from above.


  1. San Antonio Botanical Garden


555 Funston Place

If you want a spot to spend some quiet time, the botanical garden is just the right place for you. There are several garden designs that you can see, and the place is breathtaking enough to make you feel relaxed.

These are the top four attractions that should be on top of your list when you step foot in the city of San Antonio.

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4 Things to do in San Antonio That You Can Do For Free

4 Things to do in San Antonio That You Can Do For Free

San Antonio is a city in Texas that offers a lot of things to do even if you are on a tight budget. It is one of the towns that you can enjoy and have fun without spending a dime. If you are in the vicinity here are the things that you can do in San Antonio for free.

    1. You can catch a movie in Stanikos

If you love to watch movies but prefer to do it for free, Stanikos is the place you will love. Thursday is got to be your night because the place plays free movies. Aside from that, you can eat some tasty sushi because Stanikos serves one of the best in San Antonio.

  1. You can go for a free dip

If you are baffled in the middle of summer, and the heat is getting the best out of you, the San Pedro Park pool is the place where you should be. You can go for a swim, and the beauty of it is that you don’t have to pay for it.

  1. Check out the local talents

If you are fond of watching talented people perform for free, the place where you should be is Southtown. You can drop by every first Friday of each month and witness the great performances of the local people in the city.

    1. Have fun in a Japanese tea garden

There is one place in San Antonio where you can enjoy the serenity of a Japanese tea garden without paying for anything. It is open during weekends, and it is a perfect place to relax after a busy week of work. The best thing that you can witness in this place is the falls inside the area.

San Antonio is the only city that can offer a lot of things that you can do without any need for money. Don’t wait out on the fun as there are a lot of stuff to do.

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